410t viaduct placed over Portuguese Motorway by LASO - Gallery and Video – Heavy Lift News
21 Jun 2024

410t viaduct placed over Portuguese Motorway by LASO – Gallery and Video

On the first of June of this year, LASO successfully placed a 410t viaduct over the A28 motorway, requiring the temporary closure of the road. This 42m long viaduct is a crucial part of the new road that will link Barranha to Cruz de Pau. The operation was coordinated by LASO’s Heavy Lift team, which ensured that the project was carried out flawlessly.



To move the viaduct, the Heavy Lift team used a state-of-the-art self-propelled truck equipped with 20 axle lines, a strategic choice for extremely heavy loads travelling short distances. This remotely operated equipment required a high level of precision and attention on the part of the operators, guaranteeing the safety and efficiency throughout the process of positioning the viaduct.



Operations of this scale require rigorous planning and the selection of the most qualified professionals. The success of this project was due to the commitment and dedication of the entire team, which carried out all the stages efficiently and, above all, safely.



“This operation demonstrates the importance of continuous investment in equipment, innovation and new technologies. Without the extensive investments made every year by LASO, we wouldn’t be able to respond to projects of this magnitude,” said the project coordinator. “We are all proud to be part of an operation that will have a real impact on people’s daily lives.”



Another obstacle successfully overcome! This project highlighted the ability of LASO professionals to handle high-tech equipment and coordinate complex operations. LASO doesn’t just overcome obstacles, it can also move them!







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