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19 Nov 2021

40 Axel Lines of Cometto MSPE Moves 1,100t Mega Yacht

A self-propelled combination of  40 axle lines lifts and moves the 1,100t yacht safely on unknown terrain.

The project is organized by the well-known TER company, member of the Piccini Group. TER is the specialist in handling the famous mega yachts with the label “Made in Italy”. The vessel which has been moved during this project has a weight of 1,100 tons.

The assembly of the self-propelled SPMT combination was quite unusual for this project. At the after end of the vessel, two lines with 14 MSPE axles each have been assembled in a side-by-side configuration as one would expect. However the SPMTs supporting the fore part of the vessel, three 4-axle units, were assembled at 90° to the length of the vessel providing a larger platform  with better stability. Five Power Pack Units provided the necessary power for the SPMTs to transport the vessel from the floating dock to the repair site.

This well-balanced solution by TER passes the challenge with flying colors. The self-propelled modular MSPE by Cometto transporters excelled thanks to their good handling, modularity and their robust chassis design.

The Cometto MSPE series is available with different oad ratings from 40t to 70t per axle line.



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