4 Year Petrobras Contract Awarded to Flotel OOS Tiradentes – Heavy Lift News
28 Jul 2022

4 Year Petrobras Contract Awarded to Flotel OOS Tiradentes

The OOS Tiradentes connected to a Turret moored FPSO of Petrobras

OOS International BV and CIMC/ Ocean Challenger are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a 4-year contract for the Flotel OOS Tiradentes by Petrobras. The new contract will start in Q2 2023 in continuation of the present contract.

The OOS Tiradentes, named after a national Brazilian hero who stood up for independency, is currently working in Brazil for Petrobras, and has achieved continuously the highest client performance rate “EXCELLENT”. The new contract award is the result of an excellent performance, combined with a strong local and corporate support.

The OOS Tiradentes is a deep water semi-submersible accommodation vessel built to UK-HSE standards. She is equipped with an advanced telescopic gangway, DP class 3 system for positioning and accommodation capacity for 600 persons with residential conditions at  5-star hotel requirements.

This new contract will enable OOS to strengthen its position in Brazil.


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