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11 Jul 2018

4 axles 120 ton high ground clearance lowboy trailer

TITAN provides series stands lowbed semi trailers, which is based on 2 axles to 10 axles and high payload from 60 ton to 180 ton and with different size working platform to meet transportation needs and local regulations.

TITAN Lowbed Semi Trailers are the economic and flexible solution for a variety of transportation tasks, such as carry heavy loads, excavators, construction machines, transformer, generator, cranes, caravans, army tanks and wind power energy industry or system construction.

The most popular type lowbed trailer is 3 axles 60 ton lowbed, 3 axles 80 ton lowbed trailer, 4 axles 100 ton lowbed trailer, 4 axles 120 ton lowbed trailer, and 3 line 6 axles 120ton lowbed, 4 line 5 axles 150 ton lowbed trailer and lowbed trailer with dolly.


TITAN Lowbed Semi Trailer is equipped with mechanical spring suspension as standard

The following axle systems is optional

  1. Air suspension 
  2. Hydraulic steering axles
  3. Friction steered axles
  4. Turntable steering axles



The TITAN Lowbed Semi Trailers can be tailored individually to meet your transport requirements.

The following equipment options may be used:

  1. Mechanical spring loading ramp is standard, hydraulic loading ramp is an option
  2. Lower working platform ( tyre size, air suspension and hydraulic suspension be able to adjust height)
  3. Fixed gooseneck is popular type, hydraulic detachable gooseneck is an option
  4. Variable working platform length, width and height for over height and abnormal loads


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