3rd Blade on World's Largest WTG, the GE Haliade-X – Heavy Lift News
17 Oct 2019

3rd Blade on World’s Largest WTG, the GE Haliade-X

On the occasion of the third blade being fitted this morning GE have introduced the world’s most powerful wind turbine to the world… the 12MW Haliade-X!

The third blade was lifted and installed on the Haliade-X this morning, 17 October 2019.

Installing the 1st Blade earlier this week. Photograph courtesy of Pondera













Details of the Haliade-X :

Output                      12MW

Rotor Diameter      220m

Height                      260m

Blade Length          107m

This Haliade-X wind turbine can produce 67GWh annually, sufficient for 16,000 homes, and saving 42 megaton of CO₂.


Source GE and Pondera Development

Featured Title photograph Courtesy of GE




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