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23 Aug 2022

323t Transformer Transported by Total Movements Indonesia

A 786MVA transformer weighing 323t and its accessories were transported by Total Movements’ Indonesian base with multimodal means from Singapore to the foundation where it would be installed in Indonesia

Total Movements’ execution involved the ship-to-barge transfer of the cargo at Singapore, rolling off the main unit at Tanjung Jati jetty and transporting the entire consignment by road to the project site.

The following were the key parts of this project:

  • Lashing and securing the 323t Transformer on the barge
  • Safely jacking and rolling the cargo off the barge
  • Critical maneuvering on the route with multiple turns
  • Routing the cargo along steeply inclined roads.

A suitable technical study was conducted to ensure the cargo’s safety.

Total Movements would like to express their gratitude for all the support from stakeholders helping them to finish this assignment in a safe and timely manner.


Source The Heavy Lift Group and Total Movements – Moving Cargo with Passion!


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