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1 Mar 2021

300km Transport on Kosken Autokeskus Oy’s New MegaMAX Lowbed Trailer

The first assignment for the new 4-axle low loader of Faymonville’s Finnish customer Kosken Autokeskus Oy took it on a journey of over 300 kilometres through snow and ice. The MegaMAX had loaded a 12.5 metre-long forestry machine to be transported to the port of Helsinki.

Temperatures of around -30 degrees are highly stressful for man and machine. However, the freezing cold is no problem for the red and black combination. “Everything went extremely well,” says Helena Vahteri from Kosken Autokeskus Oy about the successful premiere.

The MegaMAX lowbed trailer plays a leading role in the Finns’ transport tasks. The vehicle can take payloads of up to 52 tonnes and with special authorisation even up to 67 tonnes. “And of course the low loading height is an advantage”, says Helena Vahteri.

“We transport many different machines. And with the new low bed we can also transport large loads effectively and safely.” The harvester is continuing its journey to the European mainland, while the next job is already waiting for the MegaMAX.

For Kosken Autokeskus Oy, the new vehicle has quickly become a genuine trump card in day-to-day operations.

Source Faymonville

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