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8 Dec 2020

3 year Baltic to US East Coast Contract on Paper for Wagenborg Shipping

After a tender process Wagenborg Shipping has signed a 3 year contract for shipping paper from the Baltic to the US East Coast. This contract is a renewal of an existing contract and can be considered as proof for the excellent performance of the geared A-type, T-type and Oranjeborg vessels on the Trans-Atlantic paper trade.

Wagenborg knows the forest industry since 1898 and has grown together with many major forest companies. They realize the forest industry is highly competitive and an optimal supply chain is therefore crucial, including sea transport. It is all about zero-damage, reliability and flexibility. Preventing damage to cargo during loading, sea voyage and discharging, has their highest priority.

The forest sector includes all economic activities that generally depend on the production of goods from forests. It encompasses forest production, processing, manufacturing and use. The industry can generally be divided into three sections: bio-energy (fuels), sawlogs (construction materials) and pulpwood (pulp & paper for newsprint, packaging, hygiene, etc).

The paper and forest-products industry as a whole is growing; only newsprint shows a decline because of digitalization. The industry is highly competitive. This requires that producers are cost-efficient in their supply chain, providing low-cost stock materials in order to make competitive products.

Wagenborg’s LOLO shipping concept ‘Lifts On’ and ‘Lifts Off’ forest products safely and efficiently. Thanks to their custom-made equipment, such as paper clamps, they are able to handle high-quality cargo with care. Along with box-shaped holds, tween decks and ship cranes, their ice-class vessels can go practically anywhere, anytime. With real-time data they optimize sailing routes, minimize CO2 output and avoid bad weather,  reducing the risk of damage and improving timing.

Source Wagenborg

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