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2 Sep 2021

27 Apprentices Starting their Career at Tadano in 20121

At the Tadano site in the Franconian town of Lauf, near Neurenberg, six apprentices are training for a career, and meanwhile at the Zweibrücken site, a staggering 21 young men and women are learning the ropes for their chosen career path. The individual apprenticeships that they will be following include:

  • steel construction
  • industrial mechanics,
  • body shop paint technicians,
  • mechatronics technicians,
  • precision mechanics,
  • agricultural and construction equipment mechatronics
  • IT specialists
  • industrial business management assistants
  • production mechanics

“We are delighted to be in a position to offer a good number of apprenticeships in these difficult times, and to find suitable candidates for them all. We consider training and apprenticeships an investment in the future that we leverage to ensure that the next generation of desperately needed specialists will be available,” Frank Schättle, Head of HR at Tadano Europe, emphasizes.


21 young people start training in Zweibrücken

On their first day at work, the new team members were given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their new work environment. After being formally welcomed by the management, works council and training supervisors, the apprentices learned more about the company and safety protocols before joining a tour of the facilities to take a look behind the scenes in different areas of production. “Time and again, our new junior team members are very impressed when they see how these sometimes gigantic cranes are built,” reports Timo Hinz, Training Manager in Zweibrücken. His colleague Güngör Barut from Lauf adds: “Many of them look like they cannot wait to start working on these machines themselves.”

Tadano plans to offer the same location exchange program as last year: Apprentices have the opportunity to complete some of their training at the respective other site to gain additional insights.

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A strong team: the new apprentices in Lauf with their trainers


Source Tadano Group

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