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9 Jul 2020

First Nooteboom 250t Load Loader in Germany for Fröhlich Kran

Fröhlich Bau Kran und Baustellenlogistik from Rangsdorf, Germany, has expanded its fleet with the largest low loader in the Nooteboom EURO-PX low loader range. Mr. Rainer Fröhlich’s company is the first heavy lifter in Germany to use the impressive EURO-143-46ICP low loader combination, with a train weight up to 250 tons, for his customers.

This combination, with an axle distance of 1.51 meters, is optimized for the German legislation. Due to the 12 tonne axle load at 80km/h, loads of approx. 100 tonnes can be efficiently transported in and through Germany. These specifications considerably simplify the permit procedures in the individual German federal states. Fröhlich’s latest addition is used for the transport of large and heavy loads of over 85 tons, such as construction machinery, general cargo and crane loaded goods such as bridge constructions.

Besides the purchase of the 4+6 low loader, the investment also includes an extra 2-axle IC Interdolly and several loading floors. The extendable wide load floor, the extendable spine bed with high/low mattresses and the close coupled bridge pieces offer a special versatility. There are also 5-metre long extension beams that can be combined with both the wide load floor and the spine bed. This results in an effective load floor of 16 metres in length. If the length is not sufficient, it is possible to mount 2 heavy load carriers, with a load capacity of 100 tons, on the 4-axle interdolly and the 6-axle axle bogie. This allows long goods up to 40 metres to be transported.

Source Nooteboom

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