22m High Stairwell Raised and Skidded with D. Turner & Son's Enerpac Equipment – Heavy Lift News
17 Aug 2023

22m High Stairwell Raised and Skidded with D. Turner & Son’s Enerpac Equipment

Leading North West of England machinery mover, D. Turner & Son, has completed the move of a 22m high stairwell and integral, vertical oven using a combination of Enerpac SCJ-Series 50 cube jacks and LH400 low height skidding system. Utilising the Enerpac equipment allowed the move to be completed in three days compared with weeks had the stairwell been dismantled.

Although the 25t stairwell was being moved just 0.35m, the accuracy of the final positioning was vital to ensure complete integration with the rest of the production facility. The stairwell base was first raised with four SCJ cube jacks allowing the stairwell’s four support legs to rest on the LH400 skid tracks, and the stairwell skidded forward 0.35m. The stairwell was then raised to allow the low-height skidding system track to be removed and lowered to its final position.

“We used our Enerpac Split Flow Pump to allow synchronous operation of both the cube jacks and low height skidding system, and to give us the degree of precision we needed for the move,” said Lee Turner, director, D Turner & Son. “Although the stairwell was only moved a short distance, it’s 22m height meant we had to take great care to ensure it remained stable throughout. The low-height skidding system was ideal for this.”

Movement of the stairwell was enhanced by the cube jack’s mechanical locking safety feature ensuring the load was mechanically supported during skidding, thus enhancing overall safety of the lifting operation.

The Enerpac LH-Series Low-Height Skidding System can fit in tight spaces, as small as 92mm, while still offering up to 400t skidding capacity with two push-pull units. Loads are moved by hydraulic push-pull units, travelling over special PTFE-coated pads placed on the skid tracks to reduce friction. The skidding system’s push-pull cylinders are powered by a standard Enerpac split flow pump to ensure each skid beam travels synchronously.


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