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11 Dec 2020

LGH Spreading the Load at Berliner Tor

Using an LGH 4 point spreader system with a WLL of 110T

In Germany, many infrastructural works are currently under way. LGH are contributing to this with their equipment and expertise. This is also the case in Hamburg where their customer Thömen Spedition GmbH & Co. KG was given the challenge of installing a temporary pedestrian bridge.

The Berliner Tor metro and railway station in Hamburg has been undergoing renovation since 2015. Due to the expansion of the railway network to and from Hamburg Central Station and the growing number of passengers, pedestrian bridges and crossings were necessary.

In cooperation with Thomas Meyer, an LGH Lifting Expert, the wooden bridge with steel structure and frame was installed using an LGH 4 point spreader system with a WLL of 110T. This had a dimension of 13,5m x 5,0m. During the long-term project they delivered the same system with the same WLL a few weeks later, but with a size of 11m x 5m.

The challenge was in the tight time lock. For the placement of the pedestrian bridge, the main road and the railway had to be temporarily closed off. Of course, they had to be fully accessible again on time, according to schedule. Thanks to the smooth cooperation, the project was completed on time.

Thomas was involved in the project planning and implementation on behalf of LGH from the start of the project.

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