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25 Mar 2021

2000t Modulift Spreader Beam for Safe Lifting Europe BV

Product innovation has always been at the forefront for Modulift, a technical expert and manufacturer in the heavy lifting industry, based in Poole, Dorset in the UK. Always going bigger, better and beyond, offering specialist expertise to companies all across the world as well as producing spreader beams, spreader frames and all other ‘below the hook’ lifting equipment.

Safe Lifting Europe BV, a heavy lifting rental company based in the Netherlands asked Modulift to design and manufacture a modular spreader beam that is able to lift 2000t of heavy load with a 33m span. Due to Modulift’s experienced team of in-house engineers, Modulift were able to help every step of the way from full design, sourcing of the material required right through to the manufacturing and testing stage. The MOD 1100/2000t beam was the latest addition to Modulift’s modular range of popular spreader beams, and was awarded Type Approval by DNV, an independent third party which complies with global standards.

This was the first time Modulift have manufactured a spreader beam that can lift 2000t. Their in-house Compression Test Rig was successfully upgraded and the new beam went through a proof load test which was witnessed by DNV. After which the beam was painted in Safe Lifting Europe B.V brand colours and collected. They will be undertaking the first lift later this year.

Giovani, Technical Commercial Manager for Safe Lifting Europe BV said, “It was great to work on a project that was a first for Modulift. Working collaboratively on this project was vital, by combining our expertise with Modulift we were able to deliver a solution for our customer’s lift. I was impressed with the support provided by them as they know the industry and get what we do.”

Harshal, Engineering Manager for Modulift said of the project, “It was a proud moment for Modulift to design and manufacture MOD 1100/2000 as the largest spreader beam in the spreader range, surpassing previous MOD 800/1500. The MOD 1100/2000 spreader design is Modulift’s standard pin ended strut design which is extremely weight and cost efficient. This challenging assignment was successfully completed by the collective effort of the team right through the project duration. Competetive sales, efficient design, quality manufacturing, accurate testing, proactive planning and project management led to this successful achievement of supplying MOD 1100/2000 as Modulift’s largest spreader. I can certainly assure that the Modulift team will be looking towards more challenges and opportunities in super heavy lifting.”

As a result of the project, Modulift will be able to proof load test any spreader beam up to a load of 2000t, and a span of 33 metres for future customers. Modulift are already looking at upgrading to 3000t for a new upcoming project.

Source Modulift

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