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26 Nov 2019

Thai CEC Decommissioning Carried Out by HLV Nantianlong

The Heavy Lift Vessel Nantianlong decommissioning of the Thai CEC offshore platform project was successfully completed on 29 October. All environmental assessments passed the standards set by the Thai government.

The two dismantled platforms, owned by Thai CEC, were a fixed wellhead platform (SWHP) and a fixed processing platform (SPP). The lifts were divided into four major blocks, the heaviest module of 590 tons, and the jacket, the lightest, of 380 tons. This is the first time that the Thai CEC Company had adopted to cut off and lift the jacket under water, under stricter environmental assessment standards.

Short project timing, hot weather, unpredictable thunderstorms, and high standards, especially regarding environmental protection, created many challenges. Completing the work on time and to the specified standard was a test for all the project personnel. During the project, the Nantianlong engineers created new methods which greatly improved the efficiency and reduced hidden safety challenges found in the project .

Finally, the project was successfully completed on time. The Thai government, CEC company owners, supervisors and CNOOC’s construction department welcomed the “China Speed” and “Guangda Spirit” displayed during this international project.

Source GZ Salvage


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