1200t Crane Removed From Wind Orca by Mammoet's PTC210-DS Ring Crane – Heavy Lift News
6 Nov 2023

1200t Crane Removed From Wind Orca by Mammoet’s PTC210-DS Ring Crane

A significant milestone has been reached in the combined Cadeler – GustoMSC – Mammoet project to upgrade the cranes on the Wind Orca and Wind Osprey wind turbine installation vessels.  Last week, after weeks of meticulous planning, the old 1,200t crane was successfully lifted from the Wind Orca

To accomplish this crucial step, the teams from the three companies relied on the Mammoet PTC210-DS Ring Crane, one of the largest cranes in Mammoet’s fleet. With a maximum lift capacity of 3,200t, this colossal 210,000t Mammoet crane executed the work efficiently, while occupying a relatively small footprint.

The boom, weighing 422t and a length of 115m, about 10 m longer than a football pitch was removed in a tandem lift operation by the Ring crane and a second crane from Mammoet. The heaviest lift was the slewing section at 850t, about the same weight as 56 city busses.

Special appreciation goes to the teams from GustoMSC and Mammoet, and the Cadeler A/S crew team for their collective efforts in ensuring the success of this complex removal process.

Now, the focus shifts to preparing the vessel for the installation of the new 1600t leg crane, marking the next exciting phase of this project.


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