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4 Oct 2019

Genoa’s New Bridge Takes Shape Assisted by Fagioli

On Tuesday the 1st of October, a new phase started for the new Renzo Piano bridge in Genoa.

After the demolition phase of the Morandi bridge, where Fagioli was involved with strand jacking system, SPMTs and crawler cranes for the dismantling and lowering of the old bridge sections, the company is now involved in the transport and lifting activity for the new bridge.

For what concerns the transport activity, Fagioli is moving by barge and by modular trailers a total amount of No. 237 sections (weighing from 56 to 89 ton) which are going to be used to build the viaduct. Fagioli will be involved for a total of 60 nights for the transport of the sections.

In the meantime, on the 1st of October, Fagioli lifted a 500 ton steel structure (50 m long) by means of two crawler cranes, as the first step of the new bridge in Genoa. The viaduct, shaped like a sail , as imagined by the famous architect Renzo Piano, is going to reflect Genoa’s seafaring heritage, and it’s expected to be ready by next year. The lifting and installation operation of this first section was held in the presence of the Italian Prime Minister , Mr. Giuseppe Conte.


Source Fagiol

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