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23 Dec 2021

11 Konecranes Gottwald automated guided vehicles for Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), a leading European port and transport logistics company, has ordered an additional 11 Konecranes Gottwald automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for operations at its Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA) in Hamburg.  They were ordered under a frame agreement with Konecranes and are part of a long-term project to replace old diesel-electric AGVs with new ones powered by lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. The order was booked in September 2021, with delivery in early 2023. When they arrive, the total number of Li-ion AGVs on-site will be 95.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, the core business of HHLA is container handling in seaports and container transport between ports, as well as a broad spectrum of port, consulting and other services. Using advanced technology and a high level of automation, their CTA terminal in Hamburg is the world’s first container facility to be certified climate-neutral.

“This AGV renewal program is a big part of how we are taking responsibility to protect the environment. The transition to purely electric drive technology gives us the opportunity to charge the AGV batteries with electricity from renewable energy sources.” says Thomas Förster, Head of Terminal Technology, CTA.


The first AGVs were supplied to Hamburg in 2001. These were equipped with diesel-hydraulic drives, but in 2006 there followed AGVs with a diesel-electric drive train and, in 2011, AGVs with lead-acid batteries were delivered. At the time, these were the first battery-driven AGVs on the market.


The 11 Konecranes Gottwald AGVs on order are software-controlled container transporters that travel between the quay cranes and container storage yard. They have an optimized design with low vehicle weight while providing high load capacities. Their Li-ion batteries provide cost-effectiveness combined with low environmental impact. When power storage is low, they replenish their batteries by driving into any one of the 18 automated charging system (ACS) stations located around the terminal for fast charging.

A strong focus on customers and commitment to business growth and continuous improvement make Konecranes a lifting industry leader. This is underpinned by investments in digitalization and technology, plus our work to make material flows more efficient with solutions that decarbonize the economy and advance circularity and safety.


Source Konecranes


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