Industry video highlights

Jan De Nul subcontractor Wagenborg has deployed its ‘WAGENBORG BARGE 8’ under tow from the tug Waterlines for the transport of the monopiles foundations for Gode Wind 3 and Borkum Riffgrund 3 from Steelwind’s yard in Germany to marshalling harbour Eemshaven in The Netherlands. In the upcoming months, Wagenborg will perform another 35 voyages with monopiles from Germany and Denmark to the temporary storage in Eemshaven using a specially equipped pontoon (100m × 33m × 7.6m).
The ‘WAGENBORG BARGE 8’ is equipped with hydraulically operated saddles and an additional internal ballast system to carry three monopiles per voyage. Wagenborg’s engineers carried out detailed calculations for this method of transport, taking stability, sea conditions and a weight of 1,500t per monopile into account. Director Marc Mazereeuw is pleased that Jan De Nul Group has given Wagenborg Towage the confidence to carry out this great project: “We are again proud to be at the service of Jan De Nul in the construction of two offshore wind farms from Eemshaven.”
17 February - Scaldis' floating sheer-legs crane 'Gulliver' removed the boom and A frame from the Seai Installer this week and now awaits the following project
17 February - The Huisman Quay side in Schiedam
For the lift of the new 1,600t Huisman Leg Encircling Crane by Scaldis SMC’s Gulliver, Safe Lifting Europe BV supplied a Modulift 2.000t modular spreader beam, together with their own 1.000t Softsling Friendly ROV hooks to make it a complete heavy lift rigging. The Crane is for the DEME Offshore Wind Installation Vessel Sea Installer
Gulliver lifting the crane