World Largest Sheerlegs under construction in Nantong

World Largest Sheerlegs under construction in Nantong

29 Aug. 2014
Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd (Keppel O&M), through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Keppel Nantong Shipyard Co. Ltd (Keppel Nantong) in China is building at present the self propelled ASIAN HERCULES III
for Asian Lift Pte Ltd (Asian Lift) a contract worth S$143 million when completed the 5,000-tonne floating crane will be the largest and most versatile heavy lift sheerleg crane vessel of its kind in the world.

"Keppel Nantong has established a track record in specialised shipbuilding, some of which are harbour tugs and anchor handling supply vessels for Smit. The construction of Asian Hercules III adds another dimension to the versatility and capabilities of the yard, and we look forward to delivering it on time, within budget and in a safe manner." Upon delivery, Asian Hercules III's first assignment will be in Singapore.

She will serve the offshore oil and gas as well as marine markets in South East Asia. The vessel will measure 106m long and 52m wide with a hook height of at least 172m. Mr John Chua, General Manager of Asian Lift added, "We believe that Asian Hercules III will play an important role in serving the industry where heavy lift activities are essential. South East Asia is an important market, especially with the high volume of offshore and marine projects being contracted here.

With the weight of modules and other components increasing, Asian Hercules III will be well placed to meet the needs of the market for greater lifting capacity. "Having worked with Keppel for many years, we are confident of Keppel Nantong's ability to successfully deliver this crane and add to our highly-capable fleet." Asian Lift's fleet of floating cranes includes the 400-tonne Asian Helping Hand lll, the 1,600-tonne Asian Hercules and the 3,200-tonne Asian Hercules II. SOURCE: DMNC

World Largest Sheerlegs under construction in NantongThe A-Frame for the the 5000 MT Sheerlegs ASIAN HERCULES III getting ready to be installed onboard the barge at the Keppel Nantong shipyard in Nantong (China) Photo : Yang Janssen © 

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