What a mix up!

What a mix up!

How not to load a cement mixer

16. August 2017 

Spotted in Palermo, Sicily, a man standing on a pallet on the forks of a wheel loader to load cement into a mixer.

The man and his colleagues were working on some construction project on one of the piers, the man, around four metres up, was pouring the cement from the bags on the pallet into the mixer’s hopper and has taken no precautions to reduce the risk of falling.

One wonders if he was going to pull the same stunt with a load of sand and gravel?

Had he slipped and fell he is likely to have landed on the pier barriers or directly onto the concrete, resulting in very serious injuries or death. At least he was wearing gloves!

In the words of our correspondent: "I saw this when we docked in Palermo whilst on a cruise. Please keep my identity hidden though, I don't want the Mafia coming after me!"  SOURCE: Vertikal.net

What a mix up!A close upDefinitely one for our Death Wish series.

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