Wasserman buys Scheuerle pair

Wasserman buys Scheuerle pair

Wassermann Group opens up new areas of business with SCHEUERLE InterCombi and special decks – loading and unloading without a crane

Since the founding of the Wassermann Group in 2008, the company from Mühlenbeck near Berlin has steadily kept growing. Through the acquisition of two SCHEUERLE InterCombi vehicle combinations complete with frame decks for transporting extremely heavy cable reels, the Wassermann Group has now taken a further step in expanding its service portfolio.

The newly acquired vehicles can transport cable reels weighing up to one hundred tonnes and cables can be wound on and off the reels while on the vehicles which means loading and unloading can be done without a crane. A key factor for cost-effective operations.

 Wasserman buys Scheuerle pairEmployees, managing directors and customers of the Wassermann Group inspecting the SCHEUERLE InterCombi during the visit to the SCHEUERLE plant

Around seventy guests from the cable manufacturing and energy supply sectors had come together at the invitation of the Wassermann Group for the vehicle handover ceremony at the SCHEUERLE plant in Pfedelbach. In his address, Zeljko Paripovic, managing partner of the Wassermann Group, pointed out the joint achievements realized during the development of the transport system: "Although we are a young group of companies, the management and employees however have decades of experience in cable technology.

Wasserman buys Scheuerle pairZeljiko Paripovic, managing partner of the Wassermann Group explaining the business model of the Wassermann Group to the invited guests on the occasion of the handover of the new InterCombi vehicle combinations at Scheuerle.

When the decision was taken to convert from transporting 30 t cable reels to those weighing around one hundred tonnes, we looked for a manufacturer that could also integrate our own experience in the development and was able to adapt to our requirements us as a customer. This worked out extremely well with SCHEUERLE ". 

Bernd Schwengsbier, Chairman of the management Board at TII Sales, added, "With the SCHEUERLE InterCombi vehicles and the specially designed frame decks, the Wassermann Group can now offer its customers considerably more options than in the past: cable reels up to one hundred tonnes can be transported so cable winding operations on and off the reels can take place without requiring a crane. Furthermore, all equipment required for cable installation, such as transformers or plant components, can be also transported on the SCHEUERLE InterCombi ".

InterCombi platform trailers are designed so that they can comfortably handle the challenge of long-distance transportation on the roads as well as special operating conditions. The modular construction offers a wide range of transport solutions on the basis of platform vehicles with hydraulic pendulum axles. These can be coupled in both longitudinal and transverse directions. With a technical axle load of 36 tonnes along with a very robust frame construction, the InterCombi has successfully proved itself in practice on countless occasions for the safe transport of heavy loads.



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