Video: "Aeolus" of Van Oord being upgraded with stronger Crane

16 Sept. 2017

The Jack-up installation vessel "Aeolus" of Contractor "van Oord" is being upgraded. Therefore the 900 Tons NMF-TTS Crane is being taken off at the Mammoet yard in Schiedam.

Then the vessel will be upgraded at the Damen Shipyard next door and receive a new Leg Encircling Crane of Huisman with a max. lifting cap. of 1,600 Tons at 32 m radius.

Watch the video below:

Video: On the other side of the Wilton Harbor, the Damen Shipyard will take on the upgrading work of the Jack-up installation vessel Aeolus of Van Oord this winter.

Video: Next door is the Huisman yard, where the 1,600 tons Le Encircling Crane is presently under construction

Video: The 900 tons NMF-TTS Crane is being taken of by Mammoet, all yard conveniently located in Schiedam next to eachother


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