Spider lift overturn

Spider lift overturn

The platform overturned to the front

6. October 2017

A spider lift overturned onto a truck mounted platform in Scarborough, UK yesterday injuring the operator. 

The incident occurred around 9:00 am yesterday when the Oil & Steel spider lift working over the side overturned rearwards, with the riser destroying the cab of a 3.5 tonne truck mount and the platform landing on the back of a parked car.

Both aerial lifts are owned by local company SCM property care which runs a few work platforms for its own use and rental. 

Spider lift overturnThe falling boom caused serious damage to a truck mounted lift and the back of a parked car

The injured man’s injuries are not life threatening and may in fact be quite light. How the lift overturned is hard to see. The outriggers have not given way, the structure looks perfectly intact, given the direction of fall it cannot be an overload.

The only thing that we do know is that the winds were very strong in much of the UK this morning and in street environments such as this -particularly those on the coast – strong gusts are often seen when the wind is blowing in the right direction.

But its hard to believe that wind was the primary cause, Perhaps it was related to the one outrigger that we cannot see?

Spider lift overturnThe outrigger base appears to have been OK

We will update if and when we learn more. SOURCE: Vertikal.net

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