SinoTrans Sarens JV  Performs Transport and Load-out for 55 LNG Modules

SinoTrans Sarens JV Performs Transport and Load-out for 55 LNG Modules

9 August 2017

Transport and load-out operation spans three different sites in China

Working on a tight schedule and at three different job sites, Sarens successfully executed the transportation and load-out of 55 PAR and PAU modules for the Yamal LNG project. Each of the modules weighed between 90 and 4.950 tonnes, with minimum dimensions of 20x10x9 metres and maximum dimensions of 43x33x45 metres. 

The Yamal LNG project, which is based in Russia's Yamal peninsula, encompasses natural gas production, liquefaction, and shipping. Sarens' clients, PJOE, QMW, and CPOE were responsible for part of the construction and mobilization work on the project. In turn, they contracted Sarens to transport the modules from their fabrication area to the quayside for load-out. 

This particular operation called on the expertise of eight operators, a project manager, project engineer, site manager, and HSEQ officer. It also required 278 lines (6L standby) SPMT and 9 power packs (1 standby). 272 lines were determined by the PAR module structure and weight. 

After transporting the SPMT modules from the fleet base at Jinan, Sarens continuously moved the SPMTs between job sites in Qingdao, Zhuhai, and Penglai. Because Sarens was responsible for load-out across different project sites, the schedule and planning had to be carefully coordinated. 

As part of the operation, Sarens also had to adjust to a variety of challenges, including changes to the load-out sequence and the need to turn the modules 90°- and 180° degrees during transport, under tight space constraints. 

"Optimized planning and a quick response to any schedule change were necessary. Project planning was very complicated but our skilled team made it possible," says site manager Wang Xiaobin.

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