Sarens orders big from Demag

Sarens orders big from Demag

February 24 - Sarens will add 18 new Demag all terrain cranes to its fleet: eight AC 100-4L, three AC 130-5 and seven AC 220-5. - News Desk

Friday 24 February 2017

The new cranes will join a fleet of more than 1,500 machines, including about 500 Terex and Demag cranes.

"We already have a number of new Demag all-terrain cranes in our fleet. So, from a standardisation point of view, this was a logical choice," says Ludo Sarens, president of Sarens. "

Besides the operational cost-efficiency of these cranes, we are convinced that these new all-terrain cranes provide a good mix of manoeuvrability, boom length, and capacity. Furthermore, the worldwide availability of spare parts is a big advantage for our group.

Overall, the combination of these factors convinced us to place this significant order." According to Terex Cranes president, Steve Filipov, "Sarens has been a valued partner for product development for several decades.

It has been involved with new product development on projects like the Boom Booster Kit for the CC 8800-1 crawler crane." SOURCE: HLPFI

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