Samsung has a buyer for Stena MidMax drilling rig

Samsung has a buyer for Stena MidMax drilling rig

30 Jan. 2018

Samsung Heavy Industries has found a buyer for a semi-submersible drilling rig previously ordered by Stena Drilling. Stena had ordered the Stena MidMAX rig in 2013, however, it canceled the order in 2017

The UK-based driller scrapped the rig order citing Samsung’s inability to complete and deliver the unit within the contractually agreed timeframe. The rig was ordered by Stena in June 2013 with a delivery date in March 2016. The reported value at the time of the order was around $720 million.

Samsung on Monday said it signed a contract to deliver the rig to the new owner for around $500 million. The company did not say who the new client was, only describing it as a “European shipowner.” The rig is expected to be delivered by the end of the year.

As previously reported, while canceling the order, Stena requested a reimbursement of the $215 million pre-delivery installments it had given Samsung for the rig construction. Read More

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