Pallet levelling

Pallet levelling

Ignorance is bliss a slab scissor levelled up with what looks like old pallet timber

18. August 2017 

Spotted in Sydney, Australia a man working from a slab electric scissor lift that he has levelled up with the use of a pallet and its parts. 

He seems totally oblivious to the fact that the base of his machine is highly precarious, with the risk of the wood splintering, or just movement causing the platform to slip off the ridiculous cribbing. It is quite amazing how he managed to get it up onto it.

In the words of our correspondent: “We don't always get is right in Australia, and work sites during the week have a good reputation, but in this example Safety expert has risked it all at 10:30 am on a Saturday, On the busiest road in Sydney, Parramatta Road & Croydon Road, Five Dock (NSW) an old guy up in Genie 19ft Scissor with some old timber as cribbing to support the scissor on an incline beyond the level sensor settings.”  

“Pedestrians going past and next to three lanes of extremely heavy traffic.

This is the main road between Sydney and the M4 expressway, trucks and buses and every other heavy vehicle and car driving past. If it all went wrong, it would tumble into three lanes of traffic going up the hill and the operator may fall further into the three lanes going down the hill.”

Pallet levellingIt is certainly a very precarious perch for the machine

The man appears to be working on the façade of the Rochford Property Finance shop and hopefully survived the risky set up. Sadly this means that he is likely to do it all over again until his luck runs out.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series. 

Have a safe weekend SOURCE:

Pallet levellingPedestrians passing alongside something that could go over at any moment

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