Jobsite improvements with Mammoet's Enviro-Mat®

Jobsite improvements with Mammoet's Enviro-Mat®

11 Sept. 2017

A recent development by Mammoet is the Enviro-Mat®. It is a simple to be applied Method to improve job site conditions, without the need for placing steel plates of timber mats.

Depending on how long the jobsite is to be used, the Enviro-Mat® offers a Cost effective and easily to applied soil improvement  for Platform trailers and any SPMT's, under full load conditions.

Mammoet’s Enviro-Mat® provides a fast and sustainable method for increasing the ground bearing capacity of a sitecontributing to greater efficiency in construction and turnaround projects.

Jobsite improvements with Mammoet's Enviro-Mat®

Mammoet’s Enviro-Mat® can be used to provide both temporary and permanent pavement for roads, lay down areas, hard stands and crane pads.

Combining a low carbon footprint with quick installation, it can be used in a wide range of situations, though it offers particular advantages on sites where the capacity of a large area needs to be increased within a short timeframe.

All construction and turnaround projects in heavy industries have in common that heavy equipment needs a solid foundation. In many cases, the ground has to be reinforced to accommodate cranes, transporters and their loads.

Gravel, wooden mats, concrete slabs and other materials commonly used for this purpose are heavy and add more weight to the ground, which can cause settlements.

These materials also need to be transported to and from the site, resulting in additional costs and environmental impact. That’s where Mammoet’s Enviro-Mat®  can provide a more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable alternative.

Jobsite improvements with Mammoet's Enviro-Mat®A test performed with a high tire loading of a loaded Reachstacker proved, it worked as expected

The Enviro-Mat® saves time, material and money while lowering a project’s carbon footprint.

Jobsite improvements with Mammoet's Enviro-Mat®

Mammoet’s Enviro-Mat®  can increase the ground bearing capacity of any type of soil.

Mixing the native soil with cement and the Enviro-Mat®  additive creates a strong yet flexible mat that can increase the ground bearing capacity up to 50 tons/m2.

Because the Enviro-Mat®  uses the soil on site it is faster to install, saving time before lifting and transportation has even commenced. It also requires less transportation and preparatory ground work, reducing a project’s carbon footprint.

After the project has been completed, it can be kept in place for decades. When the hard surface is nolonger needed, the Enviro-Mat®  can be removed by crushing the mat and mixing it back into the native soil without causing any damage to the environment.


1 Increases the load bearing capacity up to 50 tons/m2 or more

2 Easy and swift application

3 Durable and harmless to the environment

4 Water and frost resistant

5 Less prone to cause settlements

Quickly installed and easily removed, Mammoet’s Enviro-Mat® offers a simple and convenient method for increasing a site’s ground bearing capacity SOURCE: Mammoet

Jobsite improvements with Mammoet's Enviro-Mat®

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