High five for Zeaborn

High five for Zeaborn

August 8 - Bremen, Germany-based Zeaborn Group has purchased a further five 30,000 dwt superflex heavy lift vessels from Rickmers Holding.

heavyliftpfi.com - News DeskTuesday 8 August 2017

The vessels - Rickmers Singapore, Rickmers Jakarta, Rickmers New Orleans, Rickmers Seoul and Rickmers Dalian - are the sister ships of the Rickmers Hamburg, which Zeaborn acquired earlier this year.

Rickmers Hamburg has been in operation in the Rickmers-Line liner service since the takeover of Rickmers-Linie, which was completed in March 2017, as HLPFI reported here.

"The purchase of these five vessels from Rickmers Holding is therefore not only a further commitment to the expansion of commercial activities and of Rickmers-Line but also ensures independence from third-party tonnage and external influences," explained Ove Meyer, managing partner of Zeaborn.

"With the ownership of the vessels, we are able to ensure the Round-The-World Pearl String liner service for our customers on a sustainable basis."

Each of the vessels feature four cranes, having a combined lifting capacity of 640 tons (580.6 tonnes), and are equipped with intermediate decks.

While the ownership of the vessels will pass to Zeaborn by the end of September, they are already available to the shipping company without any restrictions. SOURCE: HLPFI




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