Fokker F27 aircraft carried to the museum by van der Vlist

Fokker F27 aircraft carried to the museum by van der Vlist

Van der Vlist were recently tasked with some airplane transport, but not transporting something by air, instead moving the actual airplane by road!

The 23.1m long 10 ton Fokker F27 display plane had to be picked up from it’s hangar in Hoofdorp,(The Netherlands) and taken to the National Military Museum in Soesterberg, a journey of around 70 km. At 3.6m high it was able to sit on an 8 axle extendible semi low trailer. Because of it’s length, and a width of 8.3 metres without the wings attached, it had to be taken after the rush hour traffic. Prior to the journey, a route survey was undertaken to ensure that the length and width would not cause any problems on route. Following the success of the route survey, the problem was how to lift the aircraft on to the trailer, which would normally need 2 separate telescopic cranes. The Van der Vlist project management team were able to help. Using their 4 point lifting system, and one forklift, they were able to raise the plane perfectly on it’s wheels, so that the trailer could reverse carefully underneath, ensuring the aircraft could be gently lowered into it’s cradle.

Fokker F27 aircraft carried to the museum by van der Vlist

Having waited until the roads were calmer, as was required by the transport permits, the truck, and airplane, along with a Van der Vlist escort vehicle, a vehicle carrying the lifting gear, and another truck with the parts that had to be removed all slowly and carefully made their way to the former airbase where the National Military Museum is located, where the plane was unloaded, and will now be renovated and re-painted by students to be part of the museum’s collection. For more information about any of Van der Vlist’s services, please email or call 31 184 606 600. Van der Vlist – The Power to Care

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