Video: Faymonville's all-rounder : The MultiMAX semi-trailer

Video: Faymonville's all-rounder : The MultiMAX semi-trailer

13 May 2017

Today, we would like to attract your attention on one specific product out of the Faymonville range : the MultiMAX 

The MultiMAX is a 2- to 10-axle semi low loader. It can be single, double or even triple extendable up to 50m. Technical payloads reach from 20to up to 120to and more.

With its uncountable options, such as hydraulic rear ramp systems, hydraulic gooseneck, outriggers, … it’s a real all-rounder and for sure the most economic and flexible solution for your car park.

The MultiMAX comes with different types of suspensions (pneumatic, hydraulic) and axles (normal, independent of pendle axles), depending on the customer requirements.

Kindly have a look at the video below of a 7-axle MultiMAX double extendable with hydraulic steering : 

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