Demags for Scholpp

Demags for Scholpp

Demag AC 300-6

1. March 2018

German rental company Scholpp Kran & Transport has taken delivery of three new Demag All Terrain cranes, a 220 tonne AC 220-5, 300 tonne AC 300-6 and 700 tonne AC 700-9.

The five axle AC 220-5 features an eight section 78 metre main boom, plus an 11.4 to 21 metre bi-fold swingaway extension for a 99 metre maximum tip height. The six axle AC 300-6 has an 80 metre main boom and also a 21 metre extension, with up to 40 degrees of offset, giving a maximum tip height of 118 metres.

The nine axle AC 700-9 features a five section 60 metre main boom and can be rigged with a 96 metre luffing jib and Sideways Superlift attachment and up to 160 tonnes of counterweight with a maximum tip height of just under 150 metres.

Scholpp's Michael Zieger said: “Having a customer order three Demag cranes at the same time is not something we experience every day. However, it shows us that the market is well aware of the quality of Demag products and that this is driving increased adoption.”

Established in 1956, Scholpp employs over 150 and has a fleet of around 60 cranes. The company is headquartered in Stuttgart, with depots in Karlsruhe, Heilbronn, Böblingen and Ludwigshafen. SOURCE:

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