Demags for Poland

Demags for Poland

Demag CC 3800-1

6. September 2017 

Polish rental company Crane Rental has ordered six new Demag cranes, three 650 tonne CC 3800-1 lattice boom crawlers, two 220 tonne AC 220-5 All Terrain cranes and one 300 tonne AC 300-6 All Terrain.

The CC 3800-1 can lift its maximum capacity at 12 metres radius and take 110 tonnes to a height of 120 metres. The five axle AC 220-5 has a 78 metre main boom and a 21 metre swingaway extension, while the six axle AC 300-6 has an 80 metre main boom and also a 21 metre extension. The new cranes are scheduled to be built and delivered over the next few months. SOURCE:

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