Crane over at maltings

Crane over at maltings

The crane was lowering or raising its boom at the time

5. December 2017

A five axle All Terrain crane overturned at the Holland Malt plant in Eemshaven, the Netherlands, north east of Groningen, yesterday. 

The crane, owned and operated by Wagenborg Nedlift, was rigged with full boom and full luffing swingaway extension. It looks as though the crane was lowering the boom when it lost stability.

The crane’s outriggers were properly set up and were not a factor in the incident. 

Crane over at maltingsThe outriggers were well set up

The crane operator was thrown from his cab sustaining some serious injuries. An ambulance and air ambulance were both called in, but in the end the helicopter was given leave to stand down after the man’s injuries had been assessed by the first paramedics on site. 

Crane over at maltingsThe operator jumped, or was thrown from his cab

Further cranes were brought in overnight to remove the extension and recover the crane. As far as we understand material damage was light.

The crane was one of those working on the extension to the maltings which is due to be completed this month. 

The SZW labour inspectorate is investigating the incident.  SOURCE:

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