Balancing act

Balancing act

These two are chancing their luck on this ledge

8. September 2017 

Spotted on the high street in Cleethorpes, UK two men working on a narrow ledge above a delicatessen/bakery shop with nothing to stop them from falling.

The two are stretching to reach something which they seem to be trying to push or pull into place, having climbed off the top of their ladder which is clearly too short. They have made no attempt to attach themselves to anything to prevent them falling to the ground, possibly hitting their heads on their van on the way down. All it would take is a half step back or for the object to suddenly shift. 

Hopefully they both survived the work uninjured, worse still they could have landed on some innocent passer by or traumatised them with the mess they are likely to have created from a bad landing. They most definitely need a longer ladder, a tower, or better still a van mounted lift. Definitely one for our Death Wish series. 

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