American Hoist 9299 Collapsed

American Hoist 9299 Collapsed

20 April 2018

From one of my followers in Iran, I got this incident report.

Two days ago at the Ardakan steel factory near Yazd in Iran, this old American Hoist 9299 Crane collapsed

The crane was outfitted with 240 feet of boom

The most likely cause of the incident was not using proper and standard pins for boom sections which resulted in the of braking of boom male hole and falling down of boom.

American Hoist 9299 Collapsed

Lukily no one was injured during the incident

American Hoist 9299 Collapsed

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20/04/18 @ 14:21-1

Americans have week booms, the pin points male or female will crack then fail under heavy loads breaks like glass inspect around pin connections where they weld in tube




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