Mumbai Load-out marathon Lift & Shift, India

Mumbai Load-out marathon Lift & Shift, India

Lift and Shift has carried out the transport and load out of 20 components for the rebuilt Mumbai High North Offshore Platform.

Living quarters for 275 people, weighing 4,400 tonnes. Five rows of SPMT were used with 184 axles and 1,460 tyres, bringing the total weight up to 5,300 tonnes. The India-based lifting and transport specialist spent two years planning the project, which included moving the deck, living quarter modules, bridges, jackets, tripods and process and technical platforms.

Lift and Shift bought in new SPMT and ballast pumps to handle the components, the largest of which required 204 axle lines. In January 2012 five of the biggest modules, weighing between 3,300 and 4,500 tonnes, were transported from the fabrication yard to the jetty and loaded out on barges by rolling them on with the rising tide.

Some of the load outs had to be carried out during the night, which required additional safety checks due to tidal restrictions in the Hazira channel. The load outs were executed along the length and width of the barge at the Lift and Shift jetties. The project was carried out over 75 days. Total weight of all the structures was 40,000 tonnes. SOURCE: IC

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