Platform overturn

Platform overturn

The scene after the man had been rescued

10. October 2017 

A man was seriously injured yesterday in Fort Myers, South East Florida, when the insulated bucket truck he was working from overturned.

The man was apparently fixing a light, at the rear entrance to Palm Truck Centre, he had parked his insulated over centre bucket truck with one set of wheels on the grass verge, just outside of the fence.

He then raised the lower boom, and rotated the top boom unitil it was over centre, and as he did so, the Machine – operating free on wheels - went over. He was fortunate in that the platform landed on the perimeter fence which may well have broken his fall a little? 

Machines of this type typically has at least one set of stabilisers, and the fact that none had been set, was given as a cause of the incident by the local police.  SOURCE:

Platform overturnThe light that the man was fixing

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