Follow the salvage operations of the Costa Concordia live

Follow the salvage operations of the Costa Concordia live

The American marine salvage company that is working to refloat the Costa Concordia, says work is going well.

Initial reports suggested the boat would be gone by the spring of 2013, but Titan Salvage said it will be earlier. Titan, working with Micoperi of Italy, is refloating the boat and will then tow it away to an as yet undetermined port to be scrapped. Their timeline now says that the boat should be fully removed from the waters off the shore of the Italian island of Giglio early in the New Year. There will be further work at that time to clean debris from the ocean floor. Refloating the Costa Concordia Richard Habib, a vice-president and a managing director of Titan Salvage was in Rome last Friday when he told media work was going well and that the ship should be upright and ready to be towed out as early as the end of January. A Dutch film company, Prorama, has a camera in place on the shore and is filming the entire salvage operation. Company director Bo de Visser, says they will create time-lapse movies of the boat's refloating and removal. They have a website, The Last Salute, where a live feed of the activities around the ship can be viewed during daylight hours. Thirty-two people died in the Jan. 13 tragedy when the ship was taken too close to shore and hit a rock, tearing a 70 meter hole in the hull. She listed, partially sank, and has been there since. Her captain, Francesco Schettino, faces multiple charges in the disaster. Source : digitaljournal

Follow the salvage operations of the Costa Concordia live

GIGLIO PORTO, Italy, 23 May 2012 - On the 13th of January 2012 the cruise ship 'Costa Concordia' was wrecked on the rocks off the Italian island of Isola del Giglio. The vessel currently lies 30 feet (10 meters) off the coast of this beautiful island. It will need to be salvaged on the spot. With our documentary 'the Last Salute', Prorama will document the entire salvage operation of the 'Costa Concordia' in a unique way.
Part of our project includes a live time-lapse camera feed. Click on picture below and get a view of the live webcam, during daylight only.
Prorama is pleased to announce that it has successfully concluded negotiations with the Italian authorities to place camera's throughout the entire salvage operation, at the most advantageous location on the Island. The documentary 'The Last Salute' (working title), consists of time-lapse imagery (*) which is combined to create a unique historical film.

Follow the salvage operations of the Costa Concordia live

Prorama specialises in recording and documenting unique events. One of our clients is the 'Noord Zuid lijn' in Amsterdam - the multi-billion dollar metro line that is being created beneath the historical city. Prorama is confident that the depth of experience in filming such events will help create a compelling and fascinating documentary depicting the salvage operation of the 'Costa Concordia'.
Creating a time-lapse (*) movie showing the entire second phase of the salvage of the 'Costa Concordia'. The working title for this documentary is: 'The Last Salute'.
(*) Time-lapse: A technique to take still photographs at set time intervals to document slow progressive changes in real time. The result can be played as a movie. Watching time-lapse movies is fascinating.
March 8th - March 10th 2012: Prorama concluded negotiations with the Italian authorities and has received all the necessary permits and has the full cooperation of the Italian authorities to create this unique project.
March 9th - May 12th 2012: Prorama completed the installation of the time-lapse equipment to create the live feed.
Note for editors:
About us
- Sander Schippers, Co-Founder of VuurWerk Internet BV (sold to Versatel, now Tele2), Founder of Cambrium.
- Bo de Visser, Co-Founder of VuurWerk Internet BV (sold to Versatel, now Tele2), Founder of Prorama, works for the City of Amsterdam and Waternet.
(*) Time-Lapse: To create this documentary we take one high resolution photograph every minute during the entire salvage operation.
To create this exclusive and unique time-lapse historical documentary, high resolution photographs will be taken every minute, of every day during the entire salvation operation.
Our photographic library will consequently grow by 1440 images daily.
Our project has been specifically designed to be suitable for a wide variety of diverse media applications.
For example. Media owners and other interested third parties can embed our live stream video within their own websites.
It is also possible to simply access and use our stock library footage and still images for:
- One time or periodic use of all the time-lapse movies and still images that are stored within our library.
- Due to our frequent and continuing presence on the Italian island of Isola del Giglio, we are also available for freelance photographic work and independent projects.
We are also very happy to offer tailor made solutions, designed and created to fit your specific needs and requirements.

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