Fatal incident at crane plant

Fatal incident at crane plant

We understand that the incident might have occurred with a lattice crawler crane

2. February 2018 

Reports are coming in of a fatal crane incident that occurred this morning at the Manitowoc / Grove crane plant in Shady Grove Pennsylvania. 

We understand that two men have died, while three others were injured, one of them seriously, he was airlifted to hospital where his conditions is said to be critical, the other two were taken to the local hospital and later released. 

We have few details so far of what actually occured, but have been told that the incident involved a lattice crawler crane being rigged on the test pad - However we cannot confirm this information.

Wind speeds in the area were gusting in the region of 16 metres a second. 

If we learn more later today we will update this item at that time. The company says that at its paramount concern at this time is the families of those who were involved in the incident. SOURCE: Vertikal.net

Watch the video HERE

Fatal incident at crane plant

Some comments that I received:

You have probably heard of this incident which occurred yesterday morning already.
> This officer says something that opened the door along with the flag blowing around in the background.
> This will be very interesting as to the cause, some  have said on social media a Manitowoc MLC 300 with VPC was the crane involved allegedly with over 300' boom handling an unknown weight to us in over 30 MPH winds.
> Did the manufacturer themselves follow the manufacturer's directions and best practices?
> Lots of questions.   Last night the obituary was already posted for 1 of the victims.
> 12 hours out from death and already posted.
> Was a proper post mortem done?
> Well that is all that t I know.
> Regards, John

Third crane plant fatality (update)

13. February 2018 

We have received the sad news that the man seriously injured in the fatal Shady Grove, Pennsylvania crane incident on February 2nd has now died from his injuries, bringing the death toll to three. 

The man has been named as Isaac Dean Notz who was based at the Manitowoc plant in Wisconsin, but was working at the Shady Grove facility, which has taken over production of the Manitowoc crawler crane line. 
No further details of the incident have been released, the OSHA investigation in ongoing. See Fatal incident at crane plant

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