Death Wish???

Death Wish???

7 August 2017

Where this job was performed, I do not know, but I came across it on LinkedIn and was asked my comment.

Well here it is:

What do I need to say?  Everyone in the business should know this is not the way to go. As already mentioned, the CoG of the Forklift being lifted with the load is much higher then a normal load would be. So big risk of tipping over side ways. Nice picture in the series Death wishes!!  The client or contractor who allowed this Method of work, should be fined!!

Forklifts are made to lift a load with a CoG of the load within a certain area of the forks. This is not the case here.

Below some more unsafe situations in using Forklift trucks. All qualify for the Death Wish series

Death Wish???

Death Wish???

Death Wish???

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