Crane fire and explosion

Crane fire and explosion

The crane is almost certainly a write off

September 22, 2016 

A six axle Grove GMK6400 All Terrain crane caught fire last night on the M40 motorway in the UK followed by one very large explosion which shook nearby houses and cars up to 500 metres away.

Several smaller eplosions followed. Flaming debt was thrown onto the other side of the highway, miraculously no one was hurt or injured in terms incident.

Crane fire and explosionThe fire closed the motorway in both directions

The crane was travelling south on the motorway and was close to the M-25 turn off at exit two when the fire broke out.

The blaze was so bad that the mororway was closed in both directions and caused so much damage to the road surface that resurfacing was required before it could be opened again.

The crane operator was able to escape before the fire caught hold and was not injured. That and the photos from the Thames Valley Police is all we have at this stage. 

We now understand that the crane owned by City Lifting is just a year old and was travelling back to London after some work having been carried out at Manitowoc 's UK facility in Buckingham. SOURCE:

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