Industry highlights

SafeLifting Europe is proud to remind you of our exceptional offering: the Trimod Modular Spreader Frame! This remarkable piece of engineering is designed for a three-point lift, boasting an impressive maximum capacity of 160 tons and span lengths of up to 11 x 11 meters. Our Trimod Modular Spreader is more than just equipment; it's a solution to your lifting challenges. Trust us to elevate your projects safely and efficiently. Safety, efficiency, and adaptability – these are the pillars of SafeLifting Europe. Discover the difference that Safe Lifting can make for your lifting needs. Contact us today for more information, and let's elevate your projects to new heights.
Exciting times at Safe Lifting Europe as we gear up for another international venture! We're thrilled to share a behind-the-scenes look at our recent shipment – loading one of our MOD800X/1500 modular spreader beams, going out on its maximum span length, crafted by the experts at Modulift, loading into a 40ft container. These heavy-duty tools are en route for a long rental period overseas. This MOD800X/1500 is no ordinary spreader beam - we've enhanced the end units with tugger points boasting a robust 25-ton Working Load Limit (WLL) and shackle resting points.
Modulift Spreader Beams in action
Kudos to our dedicated team for seamlessly loading the MOD800X/1500 using our powerhouse equipment - the Manitou MRT2150+ and Pick & Carry Crane MC70S, both available for hire! Looking to elevate your lifting solutions? Safe Lifting Europe has you covered with top-tier equipment and unparalleled expertise.